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a prop de Pégeia, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

Such a beautiful oasis in desert, must go especially if not much visitors there out of busy tourist season. Road quality is perfectly okay for 4x4. Saloon car is so so but okay for casual cars even if looks very bad. Adonis bath is made from a water mill and run by a owners family. My impression was absolutely very good, beautiful place , clean well equipped worth for every penny. I took easiest route from Coral Bay , sign post everywhere easy to follow, before the curves of the road, use your horn, to warn people you are coming and not get any crash. Road is wide enough all the way to Adonis Bath.

The Adonis Baths Waterfalls is one of prettiest locations in Cyprus. Its said by the locals that swimming in the water has positive effects on both men and women. There are even Statues of Adonis and Aphrodite at this location due to its connection to the old tale.

Adonis bath is where Adonis met his end. Its location on the island makes it a very peaceful peace. Traveling is very easy from Paphos.

The Adonis baths and waterfalls said to be the place where Adonis used to meet and bathe with Aphrodite, spending much of their time together here as it was their favorite place. It was also here that many of their children were supposedly born.

However, it was also the place where Adonis died in the arms of his lover Aphrodite after a man disguised as a wild boar fatally wounded him in battle.

Outside of the baths, there is a sign beside the statues of the lovers, which says

‘Ladies infertile who wish to become pregnant touch Adonis’s appendage and have many children thereafter.’

The baths lie below a waterfall with high cliffs on either side. Swimming in the Adonis baths is said to make women look younger and more beautiful, and men stronger.


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Water Mill


Water Mill


Adonis Bath


Adonis Bath


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