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  • Foto de Alexander Mackenzie Trail 2015

Temps  6 dies 20 hores 36 minuts

Coordenades 1889

Data de pujada 25 / de setembre / 2015

Data de realització d’agost 2015

1.201 m
819 m
180,71 km

Vista 625 vegades, descarregada 17 vegades

a prop de Blackwater, British Columbia (Canada)

AMT is a Moderate to difficult trail it can be long days of cutting dead fall or tugging each other through lots of water filled mud holes and flat marshy areas. water crossings can prove difficult if you don't have a lift or bigger tires than 29". You should not do this trail in a stock vehicle. If you don't have a winch at least 33" tires or new 32" tires good outdoor skills, recovery gear and know how to use them, extra parts for your vehicle, lots of gas, and a lot more that I have room to list Don't go on this trail. Be prepared we have more info on our website

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3 comentaris

  • Foto de Andrew Sutherland

    Andrew Sutherland 08/11/2016

    Thanks Bteck, we are doing this trail next summer.

  • Foto de Bteck

    Bteck 09/11/2016

    your welcome Andrew We have a lot more info on our website for the ATM your more than welcome to check it out.

  • Foto de Andrew Sutherland

    Andrew Sutherland 09/11/2016

    Perfect, thanks! Will do.

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