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1.257 m
224 m
11,53 km
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cerca de  Twin Mountain, New Hampshire (United States)

Highly recommended! This trail is used by many in the winter to ascend Mt Hale. It is the old Fire Warden's trail up to the top (no fire tower any more - removed in 1972 (see Officially the trail is not maintained but it is in FANTASTIC shape - easy to follow; no blow-downs, beautiful hike. Follow North Twin trail to first ("major") stream crossing - don't cross! Continue straight on "bootleg" path and in a short time you'll come to the trail up to Hale (not marked - keep your eyes open and your GPS (assume you downloaded the track or created a waypoint) on. On the way up you'll pass through some Birch glens - very pretty! There are some wet areas and some mud but overall this trail is as good as or better than some maintained trails. Enjoy!


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    Βαθμός δυσκολίας: skill Μέτριο

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    Uploaded: 27 de junio de 2009

    Recorded: junio 2009

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