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Identificador de la ruta (Wikiloc ID): 1518295

351 m
151 m
6,96 km
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a prop de  Auburn, California (United States)

Newly cut trail from Tamaroo Bar down river to Dam site. Sandy beach, but deep water immediately upstream of a dangerous artificial rapid. This trail may not yet be complete. Looks like there may be intensions to cut the trail through to the water station to make a nice loop out of the trail. It was not possible for us to go farther today. We will investigate the trail in a few months. In any case, use this trail at your own risk. this is an unofficial trail cut without state authorization.


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    Dificultat tècnica:  skill Fàcil

    Temps:  2 hores 15 minuts

    Coordenades: 440

    Data de pujada: 6 / març / 2011

    Data de realització: març 2011

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